New A/c System Service!

Have you had issues with musty odors in your car? Maybe you have mold, or mildew in your car thats causing these odors? Well, we here at Strong Master Auto Repair now have the solution for you!

Introducing our latest service here at Strong Master Auto Repair, BG Frigi-Fresh! This product makes your car smelling like new again, by removing the foul odors from your A/C system. It does this by killing odor producing organisms such as mold of fungi. This system is more cost effective then manually cleaning out the whole system, which saves you money! 

Get the BG Frigi Fresh service, alongside a new Cabin Air Filter for a price of $99*+tax! This includes labor.

*please note that this service, works on MOST vehicles, but not all

Before (Left) and After (right) swapping cabin air filter.

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